ISeq 100

iSeq is the smallest of Illumina sequencers that provides up to 4M reads. It is simple to setup and is used for rapid Covid sequencing at CZ Biohub. iSeq is also used to lightly sequence highly multiplexed libraries to check for evenness of pooling. One limitation iSeq has is that custom sequencing primers cannot be used.


MinION is a portable Nanopore sequencer used for long read sequencing. At CZ Biohub, it is primarily used to generate PCR free long reads for the purpose of generating genome assemblies or closing genomes of microbial organisms. It is also being developed to sequence full length cDNA from mammalian cells.


MiSeq is one of the most accurate Illumina sequencers that provides up to 25M reads. MiSeq is the sequencer of choice for amplicons and/or libraries with low basepair diversity. At CZ Biohub, MiSeq is commonly used to sequence bacterial 16S libraries.

NextSeq 500

NextSeq is the first Illumina sequencer to use 2 color chemistry. It represents a good tradeoff between speed and throughput and is used for a variety of smaller scale projects at CZ Biohub. The rapid turnaround time also makes it ideal for ID-seq applications. NextSeq runs can provides up to 400M reads in 30 hours, and is available in mid and high outputs.

NextSeq 2000

NextSeq 2000 is the latest Illumina sequencer at CZ Biohub providing up to 1.1B reads per run. It features a super resolution optics system that uses a 2 color chemistry and patterned flow cells. Applications for NextSeq 2000 include single-cell RNA-seq, whole-exome sequencing, and small whole-genome sequencing.

NovaSeq 6000

NovaSeq is the highest throughput Illumina sequencer at CZ Biohub and provides up to 12B reads. It is also the most cost efficient way to generate Illumina sequencing reads. The NovaSeq uses 2 color chemistry and patterned flow cells. At CZ Biohub, it is used for a number of large scale projects including various cell atlases and microbiome studies.

Sequel II

Sequel II is the latest single molecule PacBio sequencer, producing up to 8 million reads per flow cell. At CZ Biohub, Sequel II is used in various projects requiring longer reads, such as full length antibody repertoire sequencing. Sequel II is also used to sequencing PCR free genomic DNA when assembly is required for eukaryotic organisms.


Mantis is an automated liquid dispenser that accurately dispenses volumes down to 100nL. The advantage is that the Mantis can dispense different volumes of the same solution into different wells of a 96/384 well plate. At CZ Biohub, we use the Mantis for DNA normalization and master mix reagent addition.


Mosquito HTS is a high throughput liquid handler that allows rapid plate to plate low volume pipetting. At CZ Biohub, the Mosquito HTS is exclusively used with 384 well plates. The instrument uses positive displacement and can pipette volumes between 50 nL and 1.2 µL, which is ideal for our HTP Nextera XT library prep pipeline.


The Integra Viaflo384 is an automated multichannel (96/384) pipetting robot used in our DNA extraction and Nextera library prep pipelines. It can be fitted with a 1 mL (96), 300 µL (96), and 12.5 µL (96 and 384) heads.